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Whites MX Lift Stand

Whites MX Lift Stand

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Perfect in the garage or out at the track the Whites MX Lift Stand provides quick and easy lifting of your ride. Designed with an adjustable top plate to accommodate for everything from your 450 monster to the mini racers 85. The dual jack pedal adds structural integrity to the lift preventing the top from swaying with your bike while the safety hook prevents the lift collapsing prematurely. Constructed with an extra long jack pedal that provides excellent leverage and seamless lifting of the bike, perfect for your routine maintenance or general storage.

The top plate is height-adjustable to fit under most dirt bikes
Easily operated durable double long-levered jack-pedal
Safe hook prevents lift collapsing prematurely
Plate Dimensions: 280 x 170mm
Base Dimensions: 300 x 300mm
Minimum Height: 245mm
Maximum Height: 420mm
Maximum lifting weight is 150kg


The Madbiker team uses this stand in the workshop.

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