The MadBiker Workshop

MadBiker is a family owned and operated business located at Shop 2, 477 Dorset Road, Bayswater VIC 3153.

At Madbiker, we believe that a clean, tidy, and well-equipped workshop is essential to providing the highest quality motorcycle repair services.

Brett and Xavier Laughing

Our commitment to professionalism extends beyond our expertise in mechanics; it's reflected in every aspect of our workspace.


  • Brett Harrington

    With over 35 years of experience under his belt, Brett Harrington - A.K.A. Mr. Madbiker, has honed his craft, becoming a revered figure in the world of motorbike mechanics.

  • Xavier Harrington

    Xavier, who grew up surrounded by the sights and sounds of the garage always showed a natural aptitude for mechanics, eagerly soaking up his father's knowledge like a sponge.

  • Chuckles & Juno

    We can't forget the furry members of the Madbiker family: Chuckles and Juno, the loyal shop dogs who bring joy and companionship to everyone who walks through our doors.