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MOTUL Air Filter Wash Kit

MOTUL Air Filter Wash Kit

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A comprehensive kit that contains everything you require to stay on top of your air filter maintenance. No-one enjoys cleaning air filters, but this kit makes it as easy as possible.

  • Air Filter Oil- Industry leading air filter oil, providing improved air filter efficiency for better carburation. Effectively retains dust, mud and sand for greater engine durability. Prevents water from entering the filter.
  • Grease- Multipurpose High performance grease. Used to grease the outer rim of the air filter to provide a seal against the airbox to ensure no dirt or dust enters the motor.
  • Filter Clean - Specially formulated for foam air filters. Removes dirt and breaks down air filter oil. Contains a detergent to ensure a thorough clean by simply rinsing with water.
  • Drying Rack - Used inside the wash bucket to provide a seperation from sediment during the cleaning process. Conveniently doubles as a drying rack for the freshly cleaned air filter.
  • Container - Store your excessive Air Filter Oil ready for reuse.
  • Bucket - Perfect sized bucket to wash your dirty Air Filters.

This wash kit regularly used by the Madbiker team in the workshop.

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